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ZKTeco POS Solutions

Competing Technology, Unleashing Revolution in POS – ZKTeco POS…


Leading brand covering wide range of POS products offering perfect service system and guarantees to meet all customer needs. Securing data with POS systems in every transactions is our spell. As different business having different profiles, POS serves better with your needs. POS keep track of your inventory, analyse sales reports, managing bills and orders, gathering contact details of your best clients, your products details on monthly or daily basis, compatible to use with offline mode. We are globally recognized by our brand and we are delighted to serve our customers well.

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ZKTeco POS Solution

Customer Management - Zktecho POS #31 IT Solutions


ZKTeco POS Customer management capabilities enable retailers to proactively increase the quantity of high-quality customers. These applications collect data on your customers’ purchase histories, allowing you to identify your most valuable shoppers based on their spend. This offers an additional layer of transparency that retailers without POS systems simply can’t obtain.

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Inventory Management - Zktecho POS #31 IT Solutions


Complete control of your business no matter where you are. Manage single or multiple locations from anywhere with real-time reporting from the ZKTeco POS platform right on your mobile device, so you can ensure that business is going as planned. Access Straight-Forward Data and Rich Visualizations. Maintain Complete Control of Your Labor.

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Point of sale - Zktecho POS #31 IT Solutions


A POS system reduces the potential for human error by automating such payment tasks such as searching for items and calculating prices. With a click of a button, I can see what our sales for that day were, what our returns were and how we are doing in the inventory. In the old way, without having [a POS], you would have to review all the data in the books and add them manually.

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Retail POS

Track inventory effortlessly and sending digital receipts, processing refunds and simplify operations through retail POS software.


Supermarket POS

A complete system to organize your supermarket in a perfect way and designed to simplify your routine in an orderly manner. Strategize your business by tracking sales, stock management, money management, using statistics and reports.


Restaurant POS

Faster service is our first preference with ease &transmission of orders. Integrating orders, transfer tables, managing kitchen performance with intuitive visual interface are the added features.


Wholesale POS

Update yourself with POS systems and Simplify your wholesale business with POS Technology inclusive of excellent features provided for customer management and employee management in an intelligent way.

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