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School management System (ERP)

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Our School Management System is one of the most complete and versatile school management systems in the market. It is a school echo system combining teachers, students, parents and other school staff in a single automation software. This package comes with a very advanced ERP Framework.

The application can be customized as per the customer requirements. The application has a total of 6 user roles. feel free to contact us to arrange a DEMO

Key Benefits of using our School Software

Cloud Based Software
Our Software Helps you to Manage your School from any Corner in the world through any device of your choice
Fully Responsive
Our School Software Can be accessed from any device from any part of the world (tab, mobile, laptop, desktop etc.)
Complete ERP Solution
Our Software is a complete ERP solution with modules such as Student, parent , teachers, class, Section, Fees, accounts & library management & many more Features..
Supports Multi-Language
#31 Software Supports Multiple languages Such as English, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, French, German, Turkish, Dutch. The system also supports RTL Alignment.
Available 24/7 * 365 Days
Our Software will be available full time i.e, 24/7 X 365 Days, as The application is web Based. we always recommend you to use good servers inorder to achieve 100% server uptime.
Annual maintenance Contract
We have an option for Annual maintenance Contract (AMC) where in we will help you by managing the system & by providing support for #31 ERP Software. AMC will be a yearly renewable contract.

Key features in School ERP Software

  • Student Admission
  • Bulk Import of Students using CSV
  • Compact student profile
  • Student Promotions
  • Multiple Sections Under a Class
  • ¬†Upload Academic Syllabus
  • Section-wise Class Routine
  • Distinctive Study Materials
  • Class-Wise Subject Selection
  • Students Daily Attendance
  • Students Attendance Report
  • Question Papers
  • Customizable Grading System
  • Intuitive Marks Management
  • Tabulation Sheet Of Marks
  • Send Exam Marks By SMS
  • Fees Invoice Generation
  • Mass Invoice Generation
  • Student Specific Payment History
  • Expense Management
  • Multiple Payment -Invoice
  • Online & Manual Payment
  • Accountant User role
  • Manage School Transports
  • Organize School Dormitory
  • Sent Private Message to Users
  • Customize School Information
  • Choose different Color Schemes
  • Set Online Payment Information
  • Integrate SMS Gateway
  • Organize Books by Class
  • Issue Books From Library
  • Keep Track of Issues Books
  • Librarian to Manage Library
  • Customize your School Website
  • Choose what you wanna Show
  • Customize Website Theme
  • Supports Over 20 Languages
  • Add any Language You Need
  • Customize any Phase
  • Complete RTL Support

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