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#31 Point Of Sale System

One Software Solution for Every Business Needs, Helps you to Manage your Business from Any Corner in the World through Any Device of your Choice


 #31 Point Of Sale System (POS) Helps you to Manage your Business from any Corner in the world through any device of your choice, with our POS Solution You can Easily, efficiently & Smoothly Manage your Business Processes. Contact Us for A Demo of Our POS system or register for a trial version at 31pos.net.

Main Reasons on why to Choose


Clouds-Based- #31 POS

Cloud Based POS System

#31 POS Helps you to Manage your Business from any Corner in the world through any device of your choice

Mobile Tab Responsive - #31 POS

Fully Responsive

#31 POS Can be accessed from any device from any part of the world (tab, mobile, laptop, desktop etc..) .

Complete ERP - #31 POS

Complete ERP Solution

#31 POS is a complete ERP solution with modules such as Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Warehouse, invoicing, Tax (VAT) etc..

TAX (VAT) Management

Supports TAX (VAT)

#31 POS is Compatible with Tax (VAT), our system can generate a basic tax report which shows the amount which should be paid as Tax.

Customer & Supplier

Customer & Supplier 

 Our system supports features Such as, Customer & Supplier Credit & payment due alert, Detailed Purchase, payment & sales transaction, Import /Export facilities

multi-language - 31 ITS


#31 POS Supports Multiple languages Such as English, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, French, German, Turkish, Dutch. The system also supports RTL Alignment.

Reporting-31 ITS

Advanced Reporting

#31 POS Provides advanced reporting Such as, Purchase & sales Report, Supplier & customer report, Stock Report, Register report, payment reports, expense report, P& L Report etc..

customizable- 31 ITS

Available 24/7 * 365 Days

#31 POS System will be available full time i.e, 24/7  X 365 Days.  we always strive to achieve 100% server up-time.

Features / Modules


Easy Business Management

Ability to Handles Multiple Business & Branches

Multi Business Location, Store fronts, Warehouse etc..

Set Currency, Time Zone, Financial Year, Tax & Many More options

Purchase Management

Add, Edit, Delete, view & Print Purchase (LPO)

Easy Purchase return management

Purchase Credit management.

Multiple Payment status (Paid, Partial, due)

Multiple Payment options (Cash, Card, Cheque, Bank Transfer)

Payment reminders & Notifications

Taxes, Discounts, & Shipping Management

Easily Manage Product lot numbers & Expiry

Upload a Document/file related to each Purchase

Add Purchase using Barcode, SKU or Product name

Supplier & Customer Management

Easily Manage suppliers & customers.

Payment Terms for Suppliers & Customers

Payment Due Alerts & Notifications

Payment Due Alerts & Notifications

Detailed Payment page for Suppliers & Customers

Import & Export Customers as Csv, Excel, Pdf..

Advanced System User Management

Advanced User Management Module

Permissions & User role management

Manage Commission Agent for sales

Assign Business location to user roles (User)

Ability to create User roles with Permissions

Payment Account Management

Easily Manage Bank Accounts

Manage Account Book & Fund Transfers

Balance sheet

Trial balance

Cash Flow

Complete Account Report

Advanced Reporting

Powerful Reports with Advanced filters & Charts

Profit & loss Report

Purchase & Sales Report

Basic Tax Report

Advanced Supplier report

Advanced Customer report

Customer group report

Stock report

Lot report

Trending Products

Stock Adjustment Report

Product purchase report

Purchase payment report

Product sales report

Sales payment report

Expense report

Register report

Sales Representative report (commission)

Product Management

Single & Variable Products

Enable/Disable Stock Management

Add Brand, Category, unit, subcategory, Tax Rates, Group Tax etc..

Manage Products which has expiry with prior notifications

Low Stock & Expiry alerts

Pre-Defined or Auto-Generated SKU(Barcode)

IMEI/Serial Number, Lot Number

Print Barcode Labels

Add Selling price groups

Import bulk products & Export as CSV, Excel, PDF etc..

Sales Management & POS

Add, Edit, Delete, View & Print Sales

Sales Return Management

Customer Credit management (Sales).

Multiple Payment status (Paid, Partial, due)

Multiple Payment options (Cash, Card, Cheque)

Payment reminders & Notifications

Keyboard Shortcuts for POS

Improved POS to save time (No Page reload, Fully done in Ajax)

Add customers quickly from POS.

Quick Customer search using Name, Mobile or Address.

Fully responsive POS Screen.

View/print complete Register report at any time during session.

Multiple selling price Management

Monthly Recurring Sales - Subscription Based

Inventory & Stock Management

Manage Multiple Warehouse & Business locations

Stock Transfers

Lot & Expiry Management

Stock Adjustments

Advanced Stock Report & Stock Adjustment Report

Expense Management

Add, Edit, Delete, view & Print Expenses

Manage Expense Categories

Detailed Expense Report

Other Features

Manage Email Notification& Templates

Interactive Dashboard with overall Business Status

Fully customizable invoice layouts & formats

Internal Calculator

Advanced Barcode Settings

Supports Barcode scanner, Barcode printer & Thermal printer

Detailed Documentation

Administrative Backups

Multi-Language (Arabic, English, Hindi, Turkish)










Industries that love #31 POS System


From Mini Stores,Super Markets, cafe’s to Pharmacies, #31 POS can help manage Your Business without any hassle.


“Let Us Build, Your Virtual Empire” – #31 IT Solutions.

Supermarket - #31 IT Solutions

Super Markets

store - #31 IT Solutions

Mini Marts & Cold Stores

laundry- #31 IT Solutions


Pharmacy- #31 IT Solutions


cafe & takeaway - #31 IT Solutions

Cafe’s & Take aways

Medical equip store - #31 IT Solutions

Medical Equipment Stores

spa - #31 IT Solutions

Spa & Saloons

Many More - #31 IT Solutions

Many More…

Let Us Build, Your Virtual Empire.

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