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Trafco Logistics, Trafco Group & #31 IT Solutions – Bahrain

TRAFCO LOGISTICS is a company established in the year 2010, They have ion of the most advanced facilities For Warehousing & Distributions. The company is situated In Samaheej, Muharaq & is Conveniently Located Close To The Seaport And Airport.


Trafco logistics is subsidiary of TRAFCO GROUP, who is at the forefront of Bahrain’s food industry and over the past 35 years has grown into a powerful name that is synonymous with excellent quality and exceptional service.


#31 IT Solutions have signed a contract with Trafco Logistics for  Corporate Website Development ( ), Server & Hosting Management,  Corporate Photo & Video shoot And Real Time video Editing Services. we also provide Trafco Logistics team with free IT/ Software / Digital Marketing Consultancy Services.


We are Happy to inform that the work has been assigned successfully & is About to complete Soon.



Book A Free Consultation With us or contact us @+97337303006



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