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PeopAble & #31 IT Solutions – Bahrain

PeopAble Educational Consultancy is an Educational Consultancy which is founded in Thriuvalla, Kerala With the objective of Providing Better Educational Consultancy Services for the Students in India. They Provide admissions for Many Courses in leading Universities in India, Peopable Offers Courses Such as UG, PG, Engineering, M.Tech, Masters, PHD, Nursing, Visual Arts etc…. more information regarding PeopAble, feel free to Visit @ https://www.facebook.com/PeopAbleEdu

#31 IT Solutions have signed a monthly contract with PeopAble to Design Their Social media Posts, Emailers, Manage their Social media Accounts  & To assist with Digital Marketing Services.

We are Happy to Inform that the work has been assigned Successfully  & is going smoothly as promised.

Akshay Manoj